Am I a better streamer than before?

Better Streamer than Before?

That is the question I am asking myself now. Am I a better streamer than before? I started streaming consistently in January 2019 but real life ended up forcing me into a break in March. I was averaging 3 viewers per stream with a max of 5-6 viewers at any given time. Fast forward to the middle of June, and I am averaging 6 viewers per stream with a max of 10-11 viewers on at any given time. What gives? I don’t feel that I am doing anything different. Why am I more successful now?


I don’t feel that I am doing anything fundamentally different now compared to before. The same streaming equipment is being used and I am just being myself as I did before. There are only 2 things that may have affected it. I am streaming a bit later, starting at 11pm EST vs 8pm EST and I am not on a schedule so I have the freedom to stream when I want and for how long. Could those 2 things actually affect my stream for the better? A 3 hour time difference and no schedule? Maybe my expectations aren’t the same, I just don’t know.

Time Frame

This is the only thing that I can see as remotely being a factor. Could the 3 hour difference in the starting time really affect the amount of viewers I have? Things to be considered are other streamers online, viewers online, and time zones. Maybe more popular streamers are not on during that time? I was streaming Eve and I did see quite a few other people streaming Eve. Some had a smaller view count like myself while others had close to 100 viewers so not sure if this would be a cause. The amount of viewers on twitch at any given time probably doesn’t change all that much. This is pure speculation with no evidence to support it but as some log and go to bed, others are just logging in. Which brings me to the last possibility and that is time zone. While the majority of the US is winding down during the 11pm-2am EST time period, other countries are just becoming more active such as Australia. I wonder if I am catching the late night US and the Aussies as well.

Am I a better streamer than before?

I have no clue so I will need to do some more streaming during different time periods to help me get a better perspective. Meanwhile, you can come visit me on Twitch here and on YouTube here! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe!!

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