Athanor Down! A Tale of Loss

Loss of an Athanor!

The road to Emperor is a tough one. It comes with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. This Wanna-Be Emperor just experienced his first large loss. Citadels have gone through some recent changes and I just felt the effects of those changes. Any time a citadel runs out of power, it is not good. Now it is even worse. The changes that went through on May 26th makes unpowered citadels abandoned. They have no shield or armor defenses so capsuleers do not need to worry about timers. Real life got in the way and my Eve time was greatly reduced. I thought I had more time on my Athanor but unfortunately it ran out of power and was the war-decs came. Athanor Down! I have gone from 2 citadels down to 1.

How much did it really hurt?

Next, I had to ask myself a question. What do I do now? With the changes to citadels, there were changes to ore and moon belts as well. Currently, moons just aren’t worth mining for myself. That loss won’t really affect my mining though it did hurt the wallet. It was valued some where near 1 billion ISK. The glass can be either half-empty or half-full. I am going with half-full. The loss just cut my fuel costs in 1/2. It will save me over 1 billion ISK over a few months since I was not using the Athanor.

To Infinity and Beyond!

I will be looking forward and pressing hard. Even though there is less ore, the price of minerals has spiked due to shortages so now I can earn as much or possibly more. I will mine for a month or two and put in a large purchase order for fuel blocks. By keeping it as full as possible of fuel, I won’t have to worry about real life interfering quite as much.

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