Building My Hi-Sec Empire

My Hi-Sec Empire

Okay, so I am not the great Mittens of the Imperium and I am not building a Hi-Sec Empire but I am working on my Eve Bucket List. One of my bucket list items is to drop my own citadel and run a little mini Hi-Sec Empire. It won’t be able to be defended or even acknowledged by anyone but myself but it will be mine. I will be funding it by being a good little Hi-Sec Care Bear and doing a lot of mining and mission running.

Building It Part 1: Mining

Mining ops pave the way for income and possibly literally building it should I go that route. I am not sure at this point if I will have the skills or patience to build it on my own citadel, most likely a Raitaru. Either way, mining will be the main aspect of funding/building it. I have 3 dedicated pilots flying mining barges with one of them training for an Orca. I will hopefully be adding a couple more as time goes on. Currently my good friend AposticFire is running mining boosts and helping me get sorted. He is a Twitch streamer as well so check him out!

Some of you may be asking yourself why I am funding it with Hi-Sec ISK instead of Nul-Sec or Wormhole ISK since I also play in both of those areas as well. That is a great question and fairly easily answered. I could easily fund it and be done with it quickly but where is the fun in that? Eve is a multi-tiered game and I enjoy all 3. By bouncing between Hi-Sec, Nul-Sec and Wormholes, it keeps me from being stagnant and bored. It helps me not WIN EVE and to keep logging in regularly.

Building It Part 2: Missions

Missions help break up the monotony of mining. Don’t get me wrong because I love mining. I have ADHD and if I don’t move around and do different things, I burn out. That is why I play in 3 of the 4 different facets of Eve. Eventually I will also get into Low-Sec but that is for another time and another blog entry. I make decent ISK running L4 missions and who doesn’t enjoy blowing stuff up?

How Do I Keep Tabs on the Progress?

Easy-Peasy-Lemon=Squeezy! You can read more about it here on my blog as I update my progress. You can also catch me streaming some of it on Twitch as well as videos on my Youtube Channel. I will also update on Twitter and Facebook.┬áDon’t forget to follow me on those to get notifications and updates!


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