Can I have a Large Raid Please?

Large Raid, Never Gonna Happen?

Sunday night’s stream started off rough, there’s no other way to say it. Murphy’s Law was in full effect! I opened my stream and explaining my plans for the night when my 5 month old puppy decided to make a break for it. We keep the hallway gated off because he likes to go down the hallway and dig at the carpet by our door. He planned it perfectly, I was less than a minute in when he made a break for it. I had to leave my seat and go and get him which went easy enough. Large raid worthy? Definitely not!

After returning to my seat, I was laughing and started explaining what happened. That was when one of my viewers typed into chat that they could not hear me. I checked the sound and sure enough, it was muted. While turning the sound back on, when I noticed that my Streamlabs OBS screen was choppy. I immediately checked my task manager, and sure enough, my cpu and memory usage were through the roof. After apologizing to my viewers, I restarted my computer to make sure that I had a clean stream. It would be better to do it early rather than later when I had more viewers. Was a large raid in my future? Surely not after the horrendous start that I just had.

Same Stream, Part Deux!

My ego was blown but the only thing I could do was keep going. I started the stream back up, explained the night’s circumstances, and kept going. I laughed about it on stream to the couple of viewers that had waited for me to return. It was a rough start yet comical and laughing about it helped me shake it off. I got back to my missions and even had a couple of viewers meet me in system to join me on them. This was a first for me, I have never had anyone ask to join me while I streamed. On top of that, I had been averaging 7 viewers per night with highs of 17-20 viewers at a time.

I was enjoying my newfound success when it happened. My chat assistant program that plays a sound when someone types in chat started going nuts. I quickly checked chat and noticed that I had gone from 14 viewers to over 100! Having no clue what happened, JoeBane said hi in chat and followed my stream. Joebane not only gave me my first raid, but he brought me my first large raid of 93 viewers. I managed to hang onto about 55 viewers for the next hour when I got a second raid. It was small but cool just the same. I ended up streaming for about an hour more and closed my stream with 30 still viewing.

Rough Start, Amazing Stream!

What started off as a rough start, turned into an amazing stream. I finished with stats that we unbelievable to me. My ending stats were 17 new followers, 13 average viewers, 109 max viewers, 209 unique viewers, 30 unique chatters, and 3 new Twitch achievements! Thank you JoeBane and Gardner87 for the raids and the fun you both added to my stream! I will update with my YouTube video of the stream later once it has finished uploading. You can come visit me on Twitch here and on YouTube here! Don’t forget to follow!!

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