Eve Life Evolves

Life always evolves

Eve brings constant changes and my Eve Life has greatly evolved since I began. I have taken many thing off of my Eve bucket list and added even more to it. From my first Venture to my Rorqual, I have flown every mining ship. I have flown smaller caps, bombers, recon ships, and still so many to go. My career has included exploration, level 4 combat missions, Null ratting, mining, industry, planetary interactions, Abyssal filaments, large alliance PvP, and small gang PvP. I have done a lot.

Goodbye GSF

After almost 2 years, I have decided to leave the Goonswarm Federation. It was a tough decision, but one that was past due. Crazy large fleets were growing stale, especially when going out for 1-2 hours without any kills. The Blobbers constantly camping were all of Delve were annoying as was how crowded it was becoming. I will miss my friends and the Saturday Night Swarm but I think leaving was what I needed to do.

Where am I now?

I am living the high-life in a wormhole! I joined a small corp in a wormhole last July to see how wormhole life was. It was awesome, so much danger, so much fun. I have joined in on so many small fights and found them much more enjoyable than 100 man fleets. I have participated in 2 evictions, killed the drifter, jumped through holes getting surprise kills in Null and Low. Wormhole life is like nothing else in Eve.

What happened to the High Sec Empire

It is still going while I work on it in-between my wormhole operations. I now have an Orca to boost with and 3 others using barges. I have thought about using exhumers but not sure if the extra ore is worth the blingy targets. Currently I am living out of a friend’s citadel while I save and research the Raitaru. I thought about placing an Athanor first but decided against going for a moon right away. There is a lot of research and experience needed before spending that much.

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