Eve Online Missions Rewards

I am just getting back into Eve Online and have started a new character to play around with and see what changes have been made for the new player. What I have found has been very disappointing to say the least. Before you get defensive, hear me out. Eve does have one of  the better tutorials for beginning players and they are more enjoyable than other games that I have tried. My main issue are the rewards, or lack of.


The game has been around a long time, since 2003. That is 15 years of ISK being collected, though the game does take a lot of ISK back out. With the amount of ISK already in the game, it has become quite expensive to purchase more than the basic items. The amount of ISK that a new players earns during the beginning missions is nothing compared to what they will need. There are a lot of newbro friendly players, corporations, and alliances but many don’t run across them in time. They get frustrated with where they are at and don’t have a good way to generate ISK to buy what they need. When that happens, they quit. It happened to me the first time I played Eve.

My First Time in Eve Online

This how I felt when I didn't have a solid way to earn ISK!

I played about 2 months and grew extremely bored and frustrated the 2nd month. My skills were high enough to fly a few different ships that I would need to so that I could start earning more. The problem was ISK, I did not have enough to buy and fit the ships properly plus I did not have enough to replace them if I lost them. Mining in a venture didn’t bring in much and I had already run out of missions that I could reliably do solo. My friends offered me ISK but I am an independent person and wanted to be self-reliant. I got bored with the low level missions and mining and quit. I did not return to Eve for over 2 years.


Items and Ships

The beginning quests give you a few ships and a few items to fit them with but not much. After you complete them, you are on your own to buy what you need or mine and make them. Either way, it becomes slow and frustrating. I would attempt to do higher missions to increase my rewards but always ended up losing ships and setting myself back. I would then have to mine to make replacements and sometimes by minerals that I didn’t have. It just became so frustrating and boring that I ended up quitting. I was in a large corporation that offered free ships but I did not want to take advantage of it as it was mainly to help new members start out, not keep feeding them.

How Will Better Missions Rewards Help?

If new players can earn more ISK during the beginning missions, it will help them continue to progress. They will have the means to purchase higher end skill books and buy better ships. They will also have the means to replace them when they inevitably lose them. Eve Online’s learning curve is steep for new players and there will be a lot of lost ships. It would also be extremely helpful if the missions gave out a bunch of starting pieces to help fit the ships. The less they have to pay out during their first experiences, the more they will have to put into ships and training later.

Final Thoughts on Eve Online Mission Rewards

I know there will be those of you that disagree or have had different experiences but the truth of the matter is that the amount of players has not grown much. In the last year it seems that it is always about 23k players on during the week and 28-30k on the weekends. With the Alpha accounts, that means as many people are quitting as there are new players starting. This is just my opinion but I think there is merit to it. I hope the developers of Eve Online consider it.

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