Eve Online: Never Ending Eve Missions

Eve missions

Today I was faced with never ending Eve missions, or so I thought. I was trying to work my way to level II missions. It was taking so long , that it seemed like they were bugged. It takes a while to build up rep, it was like molasses. What I should have been doing was training some skills to increase my mission payout and rep. A pilot has to build a certain amount of reputation with an agent before you can go to the next level agent. Live and learn, now I will know for next time!

How do I get Eve missions?

You can do Eve missions for the major four factions, plus many different groups inside the factions. Then, the only issue to watch for is to make sure that you look for other agents of the same inter-faction to avoid mistakes like mine. I could have been doing level II missions sooner if I had known that. I was just looking at level II agents, not what faction they were in.

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