Eve Online – New Character Questline

Eve Online New Character!

I was bored so I decided to start a new alpha character. I am not sure what I am going to do with him, probably PvP related though. After creating him and running a few of the beginning missions, I thought I would stream it. He is my first Minmatar but I am seeing that the scenario is the same regardless of which race you choose which sucks. I believe that it would be more interesting to have a different beginning story line for each race. Eve Online, take note and make that happen!

Streaming Eve Online

Streaming can be a pain so I have been experimenting with blurring. I have been trying to make it more difficult to determine where I am. Players enjoy finding streamers to gank or mess with them. The main thing I need to adjust though is how long twitch chat stays on the stream. I also got a new follower today, say hello to Frosty McMuggins, a fellow Eve Online player who has just recently returned to New Eden. Followers seem hard to come by but I think once I get my stream schedule posted and stream more regularly, the followers will pickup.


You can view me stream on Twitch and on Youtube! I am new to streaming and working hard at improving. Suggestions for improvement or things you would like to watch streamed are always welcome. Please send any suggestions or ideas to my facebook or google accounts.

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