Exploration Agent Walk Through Mission 1 of 5

Mission 1 of 5

The first agent I chose from the Seekers Investigation was the Exploration Agent. I was given a waypoint to the nearest agent and made the 3 jumps to his location. The agent had 5 missions for me and I was not sure what to expect as I had no exploration ship or fittings. Mission 1 was to check for anomalies and come back with proof.

This was a fairly easy mission, the first step was to open the probe scanner to see them. I put my anomalies into alphabetical order to make it easier to sort through them.

At first glance, I thought it was glitched. I did not find the “Anomaly Training Site” but I did find an “Anomaly Training Combat Site”. I clicked warp to zero and it was off I went.

The window was not able to be expanded but I copied the text:

“You’ve done well. You are now inside a Cosmic Anomaly. Normally there would be hostile ships present, but our people have already cleared the area.All you need to do now is recover the Proof of Discovery document we left there. You can find one of them in the nearby Training Container. You only need a single document. It will serve as physical proof that you have passed this stage of the tutorial, so make sure to recover at least one.

Once you have it, bring it back to me and we can move on to more advanced types of scanning.”

Upon landing, I took the warp gate and landed in the site. There wasn’t much there other than a lootable container. After looting the container with the “Proof of Discovery”, I docked and turned in for easy rewards. Mission reward with making the time bonus, 228,000 ISK.

Video will be added soon!



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