Gaming escape from Cancer?

Can gaming provide an escape?

I have been gaming for more than 30 years but I have never contemplated using it as an escape. It has only been a few days since my wife was diagnosed with cancer yet it feels longer. I have not been in the mood to game at all. We have gone out and done some stuff together and I have watched a lot of Amazon Prime. How can I balance my time being there for her while also escaping the stress of it all? I cannot even imagine how she feels.

Just not in the mood to game

I have tried some of my favorite games with no avail. I just cannot get into them like normal. While playing, my mind keeps going back to her health. How is she truly feeling? I know she is putting on the brave face for us. Will she be able to handle the stress? How can I help her? What can I do for her besides offering my full support and love? Nothing so far has distracted me long enough to stop thinking about it.

Doctors and Procedures

We are in the beginning stages of testing and planning. One organ that has multiple masses has a very positive outcome percentage so I am not as worried about that. Two other organs that have masses are more worrisome. It seems that things go into slow motion once cancer has been identified. I want to know things, I want plans! Yet, it seems like doctors are never in a hurry to get you in and situated and tell you what’s next. I understand that they have many patients, that is just how it feels. We are always in a wait mode. She has been given consultations with specialists and now we wait for them to get us in and be seen. They will most likely order more tests before advising us on what they will be doing. More waiting! One of the doctors will not be able to see her for an entire month which seems like a year when worried about what could happen.

So, can gaming provide an escape?

Eve can be very slow and content is not always found so I have a work around. I will be trying some older games such as World of Warcraft. These games have little wait time with all of the quests, dungeons, raids, resource collecting, etc. I am hoping that during downtime, these games will allow me to think about other things. Only time will tell!

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