How do you make your ISK?

Need ISK?

I have been playing Eve since 2015 yet I am always struggling to make ISK. Apparently, I am doing it wrong! Rarely do I have over 2 billion yet I am not a big spender. I have 4 ship hulls worth more than 200 million and I just lost one. I am constantly watching people drop billions at a time and I left wondering how they make it.

How do you earn yours?

Seriously! I would love to get some conversations going on this. Everyone does things differently and has different ideas. Space Poor is not a way of life that I strive for. I would love to have a super, a dread, and many different ships to roam around in and get into trouble with. What is your primary source of income? What other things do you do for ISK?

Common Occupations:

Ratting: I do a lot of this. I have ratted with VNIs until they nerfed them. I have used myrmidons as well but those are too slow. Carrier ratting was my thing until I was recently dropped on.

Mining: This is something that I have done since my first day in Eve. I have a Rorqual a Mackinaw but they can be slower than carrier ratting when being extra careful avoiding being dropped.

Planetary Interactions: This is not a time sink but it seems to take forever to get anything worthwhile. I must definitely be doing this wrong.

Station Trading: I don’t know the Eve market well enough for this to be viable. I have made a few million ISK doing this but was never very good at it.

Mission Running: It is very slow going until level 4 missions but still not highly lucrative once you hit them. I can make 10-15 million per hour if I am lucky.

Exploration: This is too frustrating, more times than not, I end up with 2-3 mil per site or they have been cherry picked.

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