I am after yer treasure!

Where be the treasure?

Moonglow Treasure Hunt
Moonglow Treasure Hunt

After yer treasure! Arrrrr! Family life has settled back into a normal thing and I have just gotten back into gaming. I have my UO account open currently to keep from losing my house so I decided to run a couple of quick treasure hunts. They have changed a lot since the new patch and I am not really a fan. While I can go through them easier now, they are not as fun.

What changed?

You no longer need mining to help find the spot more quickly. It is now determined by your cartography skill. That is good but you now need disarm trap to be able to open it. That is way better than the puzzles they first came up with. Disarm trap is nice for RP purposes I guess but the way they have it set is easy yet a pain. The devs seem to favor the grind for reward type play style.

The maps are now set more by character template though any good treasure hunter will do them all. You have warrior, mage, artisan, rogue, and ranger maps with loot to assist those play styles. They have removed the reagents and many other things from the loot but you do get more alacrity and transcendence scrolls.

Supposedly they were also designed to need groups to complete the two highest maps yet I am still soloing them with no issue. I have not seen many legendary items which were supposed to have been increased. I may be better off by going with others since loot is now generated by the amount of people in the party. Overall, I give it a thumbs down, I prefer the old ways. You can read about the changes from the official UO Wiki.


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