I am still alive, I think

Still Alive, Still Here

I know, I know, it has been a long time. Things have a way of escaping from you, such as time, but I am still alive! I wish I could blame my absence on something like Covid, but no, I cannot. It is much more basic than that, forgetfulness. Every time I think about making a new post, it is a horrible time. Why can’t I think of posting when timing is right? Good question and I have no answer to that.

What has been going on?

Life has changed a lot for all of us. Masks, anti-maskers, Karens in full effect, vaccines, anti-vaxxers, new president, and much more. However, I feel the same. I am still me, just lacking enthusiasm. I have been doing a lot of gaming and have made huge strides. Now, I will try and go back and document them and how I felt at the time for posterity.


I thought about adding a time line for you to preview what is to come but where is the fun in that. You will just have to trust that I have stuff to share. And, that I will indeed share them this time. I will shoot for one a week to get you caught up. Hopefully things will work out better this time around.

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