Level 4 Security Missions FINALLY!

Security Missions Upgrade!

I finally did it! Finally after a long time waiting, I am able to SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE level 4 security missions! What did you just see? It was my newly commissioned Typhoon named the Dramanator flying into battle. Cruise missiles, drones, all the bells and whistles a new Typhoon pilot could want. The story on how I got there is even more interesting.

The Long Road to Stardom

First came the Praxis, which served me well. I bought this to work on level 4 security missions as an alpha. My first couple of runs were incomplete because I did not have the DPS to take the ships out quick enough before I sustained too much damage. My third run was quite memorable. Not only because it was immortalized on stream and YouTube, but also for how it ended. You can watch that here.

Next came the long wait. The account was Alpha status and stuck at 6 million skill points. This presented a large problem since I could not boost any skills to attempt another run. The character was a mishmash of skills since I changed my mind multiple times about what I wanted to do with him. I paid for it when I hit my skill cap.

Finally, months later, the money fairy showed up and I was able to sub to Omega status. I got back to training, scoured the internet, and got a lot of great advice and fits while streaming. The debate between the Typhoon, Tempest, Maelstrom, Raven, and Rattlesnake seemed to take forever before finally deciding on the “Phoon”. I have always been partial to the Minmatar and have loved their ships for a long time. I made some mistakes with my first couple of fits and most likely broke the record for the world’s slowest completion of a level 4 mission. You can come visit me on Twitch here and on YouTube here! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe!!

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