Mission Frustration Star Citizen

Learning Curve

The learning curve is steep but I am just not finding very many helpful tutorials.  The tutorials are very basic and revolve around creating and starting an account. A lot of what I have accomplished has been due to blind trial and error. I would have thought that there would be more information and tutorials available since the game has been playable for a couple of years. I am not complaining, merely expressing my opinion based on my experiences so far. In some ways, playing blind is exciting. It has been many, many years since I played a game with such little knowledge of it. This lead to some major mission frustration.

Mission Frustration

Mission frustration is high, I repeat, mission frustration is high! I understand that this game is in alpha and I am new but wow, just wow. After having attempted 4 delivery missions and 3 mercenary missions,  I have 1 destroyed ship and ZERO UEC to show for them. I do like how the missions are broken up however. There are personal and public missions available. It would be nice if there were some easier, guided newbie missions available to learn from.

Delivery Missions

The first mission, I was able to make it out and pick up the package but I could not figure out how to get to my destination. After quantum travelling around, I ran out of fuel and had to be rescued. Mission 2 failed when I tried to board my ship and was disconnected. Once I had re-logged, the mission was gone even though I was still holding my package. To top it off, my ship was stuck on that planet. Mission 3 had no nearby planets to quantum travel to and I gave up on how to get 1.9 million kms without travel points.

The final one was borked when I could not figure out how to get the package stored on the ship and the contract was cancelled.

Mercenary Missions

All 3 missions were to fly to an antenna and destroy some things before they transmit stolen data. I gave up on the first mission after flying around for 20 minutes. I found nothing to destroy and was bored. The next time, I flew there and still found nothing. I checked youtube and saw how they found them but they did not say how they scanned them down. After playing with the buttons for 10 minutes, I figured it out. I destroyed 2 before attackers showed up and the time expired. The last mission ended with my death after destroying one of the relays.

Final Thoughts

The game is still appealing and I am sure I will get better with time. Hopefully, I will find better resources to aid in my learning. Once I have things down better, I may end up making some tutorials or help videos though I cannot promise that others will find them any more useful than those already out there.

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