Mission Runner!

I did a thing, a L4 Mission thing!


I am back once again and decided to run a quick mission to get back into the swing of things. This went fairly well and it was good to get back into the cockpit and kill some stuff. I am still learning to rat with the Rattlesnake. The mission was much easier than I thought it would be but I still enjoyed it. I am truly loving my Rattlesnake which I put off getting for a long time. My Fleet Issue Typhoon is still a blast but the Snake takes ends things much, much more quickly. Rogue Drone Harassment UniWiki.


I will be returning to streaming once again as well. I have missed it and now that life is a little more under control, I should have time to stream. Twitch has been good to me and I really enjoy it though I am not very good at it. You can visit my stream at twitch.tv/xenokron and watch me fail in new and incredible ways. I will also be running single missions and recording them so they are not so long and bulky to watch. You can find those on my YouTube channel.




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