Multi-Mission Mania!

Thursday Multi-Mission Mania!

When I checked my level 3 security mission agent, I noticed that the mission being offered was 1 of 5. Multi-Mission Mania!! Woohoo! In Eve, the little mission arcs are generally good for Isk and it is always fun doing inter-related missions. I decided to save it for a stream and moved onto something else. It made for a fun stream and an enjoyable conversation about 80’s metal.

Streaming Again

I have been streaming quite a bit more and having a lot of fun. These are posted more for myself than others so I have somewhere to go when I am bored and want to remember some of my streams. I will admit that streaming has been a lot more difficult with the addition of our puppy that we got in March. He is our 4th dog and can be heard in the background barking at the other dogs or just barking to hear himself bark.

Still Improving

I had another successful stream yesterday. I had more visitors and more on my channel at one time though my average viewer count dropped slightly. It is giving me hope that I can be semi-successful while still enjoying what I am doing. The last that that I want is for streaming to feel like a job, it should be fun. So far, I am having a blast. That’s not too bad for an ugly. old dude. You can come visit me on Twitch here and on YouTube here! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe!!


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