My Eve Week in Review #2

This week has gone a lot better and was a lot more profitable than the last week. I am continuing to learn and improve myself and my game-play. I am getting very close to having 3 mil in skill points!


What can I say? I did not die this week! You may be thinking that maybe I stayed closer to my home star-base or did not risk things but I did, I was just smarter in my moves. I did quite a few combat missions but I made sure to have an escape plan and not wait quite as long to use it. When traveling, I looked ahead at my routes to make sure that they did not take me near the corporations that we are at war with. If they were near, I found a different route and I ships with faster warp times. I actually went on a 27 jump journey taking me within 4 jumps of an enemy HQ because I could not avoid that system and still get to my destination. Good stuff!


I have taken my procurer and retriever out all over my home region. I am careful when I take them out, mainly using the procurer for farther away areas since it is more tanky. I am using the retriever closer to home where it is safer. I am watching local for strangers and am aligning with safe docks just in case. I have really padded my wallet with mining. I have even started doing some ice mining. Gas clouds are in my future, a gypsy capsuleer told me so!!


I am still really enjoying exploring though waiting for the Caldari Destroyer V to finish is killing me. I have gotten some decent loot but cannot wait till I can move to nul and low and get some fabulous loot or try anyways!


These are driving me crazy, especially the delivery missions. The payouts are so small and it seems to be taking forever to get to where I can do the next level. I am fittingĀ them in while mining to break up the monotony. I will be starting my security level II missions soon. I am waiting for Caldari Destroyer V to finish so I can bump to the next level of ships. 5 1/2 days to go.



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