Siberian Squads Renter Hell

Renter Hell

How did we end up in Renter Hell one may ask. My corp was doing well but I was wanting more then Highsec would allow. After talking with a couple of members, we decided to pool our ISK together to try and rent some space in Nullsec.  It was definitely not as easy as I had thought that it would be. I started looking at the official Eve Online forums and found very little for renting. The Initiative was renting systems, but only for specific things. We could rent one to rat or another to mine. The cost was exurbanite  to do both. We continued our search and after many failed attempts to contact alliances, we finally got one. We didn’t realize that we would end up in Renter Hell.

Siberian Squads

When we found Siberian Squads, we were excited. They responded fairly quickly and we were able to agree on a system. This is when things slowed way down. Communication was days apart and it took almost a week after paying to finally be added to their rental alliance. We were excited and quickly got assets into our new rental system. We dropped a Raitaru and immediately started mining and ratting to earn our ISK back and make enough to pay the next month. The industry and military indexes were both at 0 when we started. We quickly raised the military index to 2 and the mining index to 2 and waited for the downtime to spawn new mining and ratting anoms. Much to our disappointment, nothing changed the next day.

Goose Eggs

Things just continued to spiral downwards from there. After continually contacting them and asking for the I-Hub to be upgraded, we were able to get the next level of ratting anoms. However, mining was just not to be. The ore belts were quickly depleted and took days to respawn. We could not keep the industry index above 1. Siberian Squads kept telling us that the I-hub for industry was also capable of spawning a small anom but we never saw it. There were no Pocos so we would have to build/buy our own if we wanted to effectively do PI. The writing on the wall was easy to see and we began to power things down. It was time to leave so we dropped the Raitaru and started shipping things back home. We made a bit more than we spent but it was one month down the drain. 2020 sucked and August was in the wind!

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