Sisters of Eve Epic Arc Missions

Epic Arc

I am currently running the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc and decided to stream and record it for posterity. It has been fun but I still have so much to learn about Eve. My skills are low and my knowledge of fits isn’t much better. I hope this helps anyone who has not done this arc. I also hope that it brings laughs and enjoyment to those who watch my noobness as I complete these missions. This is a newer character with lower skills but has much potential. He is currently a lower end mission runner but my goal is to be able to do L4 missions.

Skill Gaining

I love that skill gains are passive but hate it at the same time. My skills gain whether I am online and playing or offline and doing something else. The flipside is that better skills take a decent amount of time and cannot be used right away. One can max out a character in a few days on most games, however, Eve Online is not like that. It has been around since 2003 and no one has maxed out. As players get closer and closer, there are new skills introduced. I can use skill injectors but that requires ISK and then can become habit forming. For now anyways, I will be gaining my skills the old fashioned way, naturally. I may try this Epic Arc again after my character has improved quite a bit and compare them. It resets every 3 months I believe.


There is no substitute so this is another thing that I will have to gain naturally. For every loss I have, or almost have, there are lessons to be learned. Most importantly, I am enjoying the game even with the losses. Every time I undock, I just assume that I will lose my ship. I know, never assume, but in Eve it is okay, even preferred. Should I lose my ship, its okay because I had already accepted that. If I don’t then it is awesome because I can take on something else with it. In order to enjoy Eve, once cannot get caught up in the losses. Sisters of Eve Epic Arc, I will be back!

I streamed and recorded the Sisters of Eve Arc, The Blood Stained Stars. This video contains the first 10 missions.

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