Small Gang PvP Noob

PvP Noob Alert

Sadly, that is true. I am a total small gang PvP Noob. As a matter of fact, I am a PvP noob through and through! However, I am hoping to change that. I am leaving Null for the cozy confines of wormhole living. I have been dual existing since July of 2019 but am looking to make the plunge. That means goodbye 100+ man fleets and hello 3-10 man fleets. This may sound scary to some but I have enjoyed it so far.

Success or Failure?

Time will tell but so far it has been fun. I have gone on 5-6 roams hitting up Null and Low and am about 50/50 on kills vs losses. The important thing is that I have been having fun. I have only lost on blingy ship. Sadly, it was a brand new Kiki without a scratch before losing it to 5 fellow capsuleers. We traded Kiki’s but mine was worth twice his amount. It was tough to swallow however not for the reason you may be thinking. It was tough because the mistakes I made were stupid and I should have been able to fly away following the kill. Lesson learned though I won’t be making that mistake again.  I hate the loss of 380 mil but it was still a blast taking the Kiki out and getting a couple of kills before dying in a blaze of glory.

How Did I React to Losing a 380 Mil KiKi?

I reacted by immediately assessing what I did wrong and then buying 2 new ships to fight in. I wasn’t too off on what I was doing. After killing the Kiki which I had scrammed, I myself was scrammed and webbed while in a bubble. Immediately I clicked to free fly out of the bubble and hit the afterburner. I was outdistancing my scramming foe and made it out of the bubble and out of scram range. I thought, notice I said thought, I was home free. In my hurry to warp out before another scram was put on, I warped to the wrong location which spun me around and slowed me down. Lights out, I didn’t last long after that. I did learn a valuable lesson which won’t be forgotten. With every death, comes knowledge. My Kiki Death


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