Streamers Meet Interesting People

Interesting People on Streams

One thing that I never really gave much thought about was the interesting people that I would meet while streaming. I expected the typical trolls, lurkers, fans, and such but never gave much thought to new friends. It is something that I really overlooked and I should have guessed would happen. Most people watch streamers playing games they like or do hobbies they are into. Why would someone watch something they have no interest in, right? So it should have been a foregone conclusion that I would meet a lot of interesting people and make some new friends.

Play Together in Stream

I was very surprised but really enjoyed it when a couple of the viewers showed up to come and help. Not only did it make the stream a lot easier and more enjoyable, it made the game more enjoyable as well. It was truly a win-win stream. We fleet-up and do things off stream as well and I have learned a ton. If you stream and have never played in game with your viewers (if multi-player game), you really should consider it. You have a new opportunity to get to know new friends and do even more in-game.

How Has it Effected My Stream?

I believe that it has had a very positive effect. First, it makes it more enjoyable for me. I am having more fun playing the game which takes stress off of streaming. Next, their chat in the stream helps break the ice for other, more quiet viewers, to contribute to chat. Finally, chat is more of a conversation then viewers just listening to my thoughts and ideas. I have added a tag to my twitch stream which is “Playing with Viewers”. Hopefully this will encourage more to do it. I have now ran L4 Security Missions and played in a wormhole thanks to my wonderful viewers.

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