Streaming Again!

Yes, Streaming Again!

You definitely heard correctly, I have started streaming again. I am thinking that the lay-off was good for me because it was my most successful stream yet. It was also my longest. It felt good to be back and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep in mind, I am not a professional streamer. I am about as good at streaming as I am at games, which isn’t very successful. I try and I have fun which is the same as with games. You can watch me streaming again on Twitch at

YouTube Video

As I have done in the past, I have added an intro and ending and published it on YouTube. YouTube is funny as the amount of views differs greatly on all of my videos. I will be interested to see how this one ends up. My channel has grown quite a bit and I even have a few YouTube subscribers.

Future Plans

I will be putting a lot of effort into my YouTube and Twitch channels to try and improve and increase the amount of viewers. Some of the things I will be working on will be a logo, personalized twitch labels, and better equipment. I will also be working on better camera placement as my camera sits rather high and looks down on me. Because of the angle, I always appear to be looking down or like my eyes are closed. If you want to help out, I would be greatly appreciative. Contact me via e-mail xenokronwicked @

You can watch me stream on Twitch by clicking here! You can also check out my past YouTube videos here!

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