The Road to Emperor has many Bumps

Road to Emperor is so SLOW!

Road to Emperor

The road to emperor is a lot slower than I thought. Who would have guessed? I expected many bumps in the road but forgot about training. It has slowed me down before I even really got going. The lack of starting ISK is a problem too. I will need many T2 ships, fittings, plus a nice boosting Orca. I will be trying to fund my Empire with Hi-Sec only ISK. This is something that will be tedious but entertaining to try. Most would recruit a corp and use others to help but I will attempting this on my own. Once it is established, maybe I will open things up to others to join me and my corp.

Once I have the Hi-Sec power, nothing will stand in my way, NOTHING! Except citadels, rats, other players, myself, etc. I can be my own worst enemy, plus I have a very vivid imagination. I will be the Care Bear Hi-Sec Mittens. Ruling over a vast empire of 1-2 citadels, a few athanors, and maybe 10-20 players. CARE BEAR POWER! My Nul-Sec characters are either dying laughing right now or denying that they are my characters.

Training Seems to be Moving in Reverse!

It has slowed me down before I even really got going. Currently, my mining fleet consists of three barges. Only one of those has the T2 strip miners and T1 mining crystals trained. Mining is painfully slow, even with a friend of mine boosting in his Orca. I need to get my miners into T2 strip miners and crystals. I am considering exhumers but not sure I want to paint such a large target on myself so early. Mining can be very boring and monotonous so I am breaking the boredom with some L4 Mission running. It doesn’t bring in much extra income but keeps me as sane as I can possibly be. To be honest, they should probably just lock me up now before I hurt myself.

My main image was borrowed from this eve reddit post:

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