Ultima Online Treasure Hunting

Ultima Online!

I decided to stream some Ultima Online Treasure Hunting. I used my tamer/t-hunter and did two level 6 ingenious maps. One was just outside Serpent’s Hold in Trammel and the other was just outside Luna’s walls in Malas. I haven’t played Ultima Online in quite some time but it is like riding a bike, you never forget how. I was able to log in, grab some maps, and dig them up like it was yesterday that I did it last. It was disappointing that I didn’t get any new level 6 ingenious maps or level 7 diabolical maps in the chests that I dug up but they were still fun. I used a Greater Dragon as my tank and had no problems. I am currently training a couple of new pets so it isn’t always the Greater but they aren’t ready yet. Don’t forget to check out my last treasure hunt video!


You can view me stream on Twitch and on Youtube! I am new to streaming and working hard at improving. Suggestions for improvement or things you would like to watch streamed are always welcome. Please send any suggestions or ideas to my facebook or google accounts.


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