Warping into the Abyss

Abyss Fun!

I know the Abyss is not new, or even close, but it is new to me! I have declared this to be my “Summer of the Bucket” to clear off some things in my Eve bucket list. It was like nothing I have done before in Eve. As I clicked to use the Calm Exotic Filament, I was filled with dread and excitement at the same time. The 20 minute timer was almost as scary as going into the Abyss. I had watched a few videos but they never fully prepare you for that feeling of jumping into the unknown. Every time I undock, I know that there is a chance that I will not make it back, the Abyss expands on that. You have only 20 minutes to decide your fate. Do I loot everything or do I ignore the loot this first time and only concentrate on killing and getting out?

Now or Never!

Jumping in was more than I expected. I was scared but I was also amazed by the imagery. It was there that I about had a heart attack because none of the ships in there were on my overview. I never thought to check and see if I would need to adjust my overview. Who was shooting me? Where were they and how many? They ended up being tiny spider drones but fortunately my drones were on agro and took them out. I noticed that the biocache was near the exit gate so I destroyed it and looted before exiting. I chose to ignore the farther extraction containers. The next room was about the same as the first, spider drones, I think.  Upon entering the 3rd room, I realize that there are actual ships and I can see and target them, though they still were not on my overview. I take them out and realize that I have no clue how long I have been in here. I see no timer and forgot to set one for myself. YOLO!!! I decide to loot the biocache before leaving. Why not, I can only explode, right?

Safe at Last!

I made it and all is well that ends well. I made about 7 mil in loot from a 100k investment for the Calm Exotic Filament. After researching, I found out how to adjust my overview to see the Triglavian ships and containers. I looked up my loot on Evepraisal and found out that I made more than I had expected and I look forward to doing many more! You can come visit me on Twitch here and on YouTube here! Don’t forget to follow!!

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