Where has the time gone?

Time keeps on ticking!

It seems like it has only been a week or two since I posted last but the time has managed to fly away from me! Between work, being sick over and over again, and gaming, I have lost track of time. I kept thinking that I needed to make a post but then something would inevitably come up. I was sick off and on for almost 1 1/2 months. It was bad as I was congested and had a miserably sore throat. Streaming is calling me and I will start up again real soon.

What have I been up to?

A lot of work and even more work!! I have also been using and abusing my new Rorqual making a bunch of isk! My carrier has been used as well though not as much since moving all of the fighters becomes tedious compared to 3 AFK VNIs. I am very close to being able to add a second Rorqual but lack the isk to buy it, fit it, and add the excavators. It would have made for a great poll. Which will happen first? A. My training finishes to safely fly and utilize the Rorqual. B. I can fund the Rorqual. Unfortunately, with only 1 day and 4 hours left, the skills will happen first.

Where will I be going?

Definitely more Rorqualing (Is that a word? It should be!) I will also be doing a bunch more ratting. Solo PvP is close as well since my training is getting near the end. Sadly I am referring to my skill queue and not talent. Last but not least, streaming though I still have not found my niche. I have tried streaming quite a few different things but it is hard to tell which games are translating better to people. Most likely, I will return to mainly streaming Eve Online. Feel free to try Eve for free and earn 750,000 free skill points by following this link!

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